About Us

Our mission is to provide simple, unique and comfortable clothes that expresses divertity and empower sustainable societies. In the future, we plan to create a workshop space in Togo, West Africa in order to host and collaborate with local and global artists. Our goal is to connect the east to the west through social sustainable fashion.

Our 100% handmade original Caméléon pieces are visual interpretations of the structures and patterns that exist in nature as well as within all of us. 

















Caméléon jacket is a carefully selected, up-cycled, handcrafted, zero waste, custom piece. We draw on diverse urban and natural landscapes for inspiration. Our Jackets blends traditional and modern African & Asian prints/textiles with vintage clothing. We strive to reimagine African fashion by blending modern and traditional aesthetics and designs. 


 Team Members:  

~ Asmaa Amadou
Founder, Creative Director, Designer, Tailor

~ Alex D. 

~ Elhadj - Big L 

~ Franck Henry Godefroy